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Create, edit, delete and list guides and guide steps

GET /guides

Returns a list of all public guides, sorted by guideid.

GET /guides/{guideid}

Returns a comprehensive list of attributes about a guide.

GET /guides/{guideid}/tags

Get all tags on a guide

POST /guides

Create a new guide

PATCH /guides/{guideid}

Updates only the provided fields of an existing guide.

DELETE /guides/{guideid}

Permanently delete a guide

POST /guides/{guideid}/{langid}/restore

Restore a deleted guide. Only admins can restore deleted guides.

PUT /guides/{guideid}/completed

Mark a guide as completed for the currently authenticated user. This action gives reputation to the primary author of this guide. This action can only be performed once per guide and is rate limited to prevent spamming.

DELETE /guides/{guideid}/completed

Uncomplete a previously completed guide.

PUT /guides/{guideid}/public

Make a guide public

DELETE /guides/{guideid}/public

Make a guide private

POST /guides/{guideid}/steps

Add a step to an existing guide.

PATCH /guides/{guideid}/steps/{stepid}

Edit a guide step

DELETE /guides/{guideid}/steps/{stepid}

Remove a guide step