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Thank you for join Moai user community. We hope this guide will help you build your Moai and help you learn about SLA printing



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    • This is your Moai kit. Please check for any shipping damages

    • Sometimes delivery person may place the box in wrong orientation. Please make sure the box's longest side is sitting on the floor with shipping label facing up

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  1. Please use this list to check your content
    • Please use this list to check your content

    • Be Careful pulling the Galvos out. DO NOT touch the mirrors in any way.

    • use the pictures here as reference

    • Use this video as reference

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    • Please use this guide for Moai hardware installation

    • This is the most time consuming part of the guide. Please allot 4-5 hours for this step

    • You can watch this build video by Chris Russell to go with the manual.

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    • Please Follow this guide

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    • As the community gained more experience using Moai, we will even better printer settings and profiles. please visit our forum link below for the latest systems, profiles and software:

    • latest settings, profiles and software

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    • Insert wisdom here.

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This guide is the starting point for Moai users. It will refer to all the relevant steps and guides to help you start using Moai. The build time is about 4-5 hours for first time builder with some DIY experience. No soldering is needed.

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Im at canada montreal how i can purchase this product [Peopoly Moai printer] Thank you from now

vahe - Reply

I’m from canada montreal how I can purchase this product [Peopoly Moai printer] Thank you from now

vahe - Reply

I have a anycubic photon that cannot handle castable resin so I am looking into Moai any body know if it can use castable resin?

Timothy McMillen - Reply

which is the good leveiing method? the one in ’Full Leveling “ or the other in ‘Moai Calibration Check '“ ? . both are mentioned..

david h - Reply

You have to do both Full leveling first then calibration

Timothy McMillen -

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